Paul Couter

Paul Couter

Sing My Title, the vintage quality label of Tiny Legs Tim, will release the new album of PCNW on May 25th. PCNW is

the moniker of Paul Couter, known from Tjens-Couter fame.

The digital- & vinyl-only release ‘PASPEUR’ is the second part of a huge trilogy that one might describe as the musical memoires of Paul Couter. The consistent triptych is a pure culmina on of Paul’s numerous wanderings and life me experiences. Although every single record of the trilogy seems to have a completely di erent
sound , the characteris c voice and poe c beatnik quali es of Paul run like a red thread through the whole piece of art. ‘A Yellow Tape Trilogy’ is a coherent body of work. Not by accident: Peter van de Veire (Yellow Tape Studio) was the engineer during all the recording sessions.

‘PASPEUR’ is a private a air in a dusky city while Paul Couter is on a roll with his blues fanfare. These are twilight lamp recordings. “Je n’ai pas peur d’a endre mon amour est plus fort que la mort” (I don’t fear wai ng my love is stronger than death). The songs on the new album are totally unknown, ferocious mee ngs with fatal open endings. Urban music on small sunlit squares in the countryside: that kind of stu . Love, nonsense and other noteworthy items feature on the album. ‘PASPEUR’ is a secret history, ready to be revealed.

Flashback: On ‘‘A YELLOW TAPE RECORDING’ - pt. 1 of the trilogy (released in March 2015) Paul Couter winked at Serge Gainsbourg and The Velvet Underground while recalling his early days in Ostend. Quite the same vibe of an area in which Paul and Arno joined forces in the band FreckleFace (’72-’75) and formed the legendary duo Tjens-Couter (’75-’80) a erwards.

What’s next? The word is out that the third and nal episode of the Yellow Tape Trilogy ( tle and release date tba) has a bluesy twist, who knows? The record is scheduled for 2017.