Diggin' Deeper EP (2013)

Whisky Head Woman
Going Down Slow
In My Time Of Dying
Backbone Blues


The Diggin' Deeper EP was included with the 125 RSD vinyl copies of the LP 'TLT' on Record Store Day 2013. The EP has been released digitally for those who didn't get the chance to lay there hands on one of the vinyl copies. The EP consists of four covers and one original. The original 'Wondrin Blues' was recorded during the 'TLT' sessions in Drongen (December 2012). The covers are a tribute to some of Tiny Legs Tim's inspirators and were recorded on the 4th of April 2013 in Tim's home studio.

Released April 20, 2013 

All songs recorded, mixed and mastered by Tiny Legs Tim. Except 'Wondrin' Blues'. Recorded at the 'On The Moon Studio' by Jan Chantrain. Mixed by Jan Chantrain. Mastered by Tiny Legs Tim.

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