Religions Sere The Devil
Hard To Admit
Death Letter
Love Is Worth A Fight
Melodium Rag
Hardcore Blues
Little Bit Of Lovin'
Happiest Man In Town
Second Round
Down To This
Melodium rag

MELODIUM RAG - February 3, 2017

‘Melodium Rag’ is a stripped-down album on which Tim, armed with an acoustics Martin 017 guitar from 1943, searches for the essence of music. Steven Troch (on harmonica) adds accents and shines at just the right moments, while creating an energized atmosphere. Tiny Legs Tim comes across most powerfully when his songs are stripped to their purest form, as they are on this album. The resulting music is deeply honest and his talent unmistakable.

One take, no overdub: an analogue vision without any further intervention predominates on ‘Melodium Rag’. ‘Melodium Rag’ was recorded directly on tape and with one microphone only: a Ribbon Melodium from the 1950’s (the type also favoured by Edith Piaff and Django Reinhardt). No computers were used during the recordings. Due to the use of only 1 microphone, ’Melodium Rag’ is an overcut mono- recording; but as if by magic, the stereo-effect is spacious. This allows the album to sound both vintage and modern.

‘Melodium Rag’ is an authentic album that even in 2017 stands its ground. Tiny Legs Tim is inspired by acoustic duo’s like Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Mississippi Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods. His own distinctive voice is however found here in the refreshing mixture of ngerpicking, Delta blues, shuf es, country, folk and rag time.

Alongside his own work, Tiny Legs Tim also has one cover on ‘Melodium Rag’ - ‘Death Letter’ - a tribute to Son House. The old black and white films of Son House not only engaged Tiny Legs Tim’s imagination qua sound, skills, dynamics and performance, but also inspired him. 


Tiny Legs Tim: Guitar, vocals
Steven Troch: Harmonica

All songs written by Tiny Legs Tim exept Death Letter Blues, written by Son House

Recorded and mixed at The Yellow Tape
Mastering at Ängstrom mastering
Graphic Design by Levi Seeldraeyers
Photography by Sofie Muylaert

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